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  HUIZHOU KISS-JIA INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.,founded in 2011,is a collection of research,development production,Sales,service as one of the domestic enterprise of scale management electroacoustic device.The compny is located in the beautiful HuizhouCity – DanShuiZhen,address in Huizhou huiyang sanhe economic development zone of li & fung industrial park building 10,altogether has more than 4000 square meters modern workshop,more than 180 employees,with purchasing department,engineering department,quality department,production department,finance department,sales department,domestic Marketing Department,administration department,planning center,document control center.

  • Set up in


  • Modern factory building


  • Number of employees


  • Products are exported to

    more than 20 countries

 A well-trained,struggle and technical management team and a number of highly qualified workers to the growing of the compny.Advanced production equipment,testing instruments,clean production environment,the design of the Chinese academy of sciences all sound chamber;Passed the certification of ISO9001:2008 quality management,for the general use of electroacoustic device manufacturer specializing in the production awarded the “quality,service,reputation”consumer trustworthy products.


 After nearly 6 years of continuous improvement,technology accumulation and innovation,company become one of the leaders in the industry,in the field of electronic science and technology development in China play an important role.We have enough ability to use the electroacoustic device manufacturers at home and abroad to provide satisfactory solutions,the best quality to meet customer demand,largest of our factories have the electroacoustic industry clean production environment,besides some automation equipment imported from abroad,our engineers are associated with famous universities at home and abroad,the common design,development and manufacture of a variety of automated production and front of peers.At the same time,we do our best to take action to adapt to the rapid development of the market,such as:mobile phone,MP4,digital camera,hasnds-free devices,telephone ,multimedia products,etc.,we are working with famous universities at home and abroad to jointly develop the next generation of microphone.



 Our products are exported to Europe,America,Japan and so on more than 20 countries,sales channels are widely distributed,we hope to have more distributors to join us,for the general customers to provide quality services,we are toward the internationalization of the company’s direction,and is committed to become a world-class manufacturer of electroacoustic device.


 We sincerely expect,in the increasingly close cooperation,and create a bright future together with you.

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